Otomo Tōma 雀顛, Glorious Shiryo

“Legends feed the soul of a people.”



Insight 302 Honour 9.2
Insight Rank 8 Glory 9.5
XP 511/513 Status 9.0
Air 5 Reflexes 5 Awareness 5
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Fire 5 Agility 5 Intelligence 5
Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Void 5

Void Points: O O O O O

Skill Rank Emphases
(s) Lore: Omens 1
(s) Perform: Storytelling 3
(s) Lore: History 2
(s) Kenjutsu 7ᵃ Katana
(s) Iaijutsu 5
(s) Calligraphy 1
(s) Lore: Theology 4
Kyujutsu 2
Lore: Spirit Realms 2
Courtier 7ᵇ
Etiquette 7ᵇ
Meditation 5ᶜ
Lore: Elements 1
Investigation 3
Defense 1
Medicine 2
Artisan: Poetry 2
Games: Go 1
Hunting 1
Lore: Yomi 3
Sincerity 1
Jiujutsu 5
Perform: Biwa 1
Athletics 1

ᵃ: +1k0 damage
ᵇ: +3 Insight
ᶜ: Recover 2 Void Points

Initiative: 10k5
Armour TN: 35
Reduction: 6 (3 against Jade/Crystal/Obsidian)

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank
Healthy (+0) 15
Nicked (+3) 21
Grazed (+5) 27
Injured (+10) 33
Hurt (+15) 39
Crippled (+20) 45
Down (+40) 51
Out 57
Attack Roll to hit Damage roll Range
Katana 10k6 7k2
Wakazashi 10k6 6k2 20’
Yumi 7k5 4k2 250’
Advantages Value
Voice 3
Sensation 3
Ancestor (Suzume) 4
Ally (Doji Kasahara: 1 Devotion, 2 Influence) 3
Sacrosanct 4
Imperial Spouse (Emperor’s Niece) 5
Blissful Betrothal 3
Magic Resistance (1 Rank)* 2
Enlightened 6

*Does not apply against Jade/Crystal/Obsidian/Spells that specifically target Spirits

Light Armour
Sturdy Clothing
Fine Clothing x2
Exquisite Biwa

Koku 0 Bu 0 Zeni 0

1 koku = 5 bu = 50 zeni

Insight Rank Technique
1 All Things in Time: The Suzume watches the flow of combat to discern the perfect time for his assault. At the beginning of the Combat Round, before the first character has taken his turn, you may reduce your Initiative Score by 5 to add +1k0 to all your attack and damage rolls for the Round.
2 The College of Clarity: The College of Clarity teaches its students to draw on their inner Fire to promote clarity of thought and recall. By meditating for at least one half hour and making a Meditation / Fire Roll against a TN of 15, you gain the Clear Thinker and Precise Memory Advantages for a number of hours equal to your Fire Ring. If you already have either or both of these Advantages, their bonuses are increased by +1k0. A samurai who uses the Clarity of Fire to enhance his focus in iaijutsu may make the same roll, but instead of gaining the Advantage effect, he instead gains a bonus of +1k0 to any one Iaijutsu (Focus) / Void Roll made during the same time period (number of hours equal to his Fire Ring).
3 Wisdom is the Greatest Weapon: The Suzume is a masterful storyteller, captivating audiences with his words. You may spend a Void Point to add your Honour Rank to any Perform or Lore Skill Roll.
4 Quiet Spirit, Steady Blade: The serenity of a Sparrow is often mistaken for complacency, but this if far from the case. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while in the Attack Stance.
5 Slow and Deadly: The Suzume strikes when his foes least expect it, even if he must weather the worst of the opponents’ attacks. During the Round following your adoption of the Center Stance, you add +10 to your attack and damage rolls. You do not gain this benefit during iaijutsu duels.
6-8 Wu Wei: The greatest lesson of the universe is to see the duality present in all things. As a Free Action, you may choose to negate one of your active Kiho to immediately activate any one Kiho you know. If you are choosing to activate a Mystical Kiho, you may make a Meditation/Void roll at a TN equal to the Mastery Level of the Mystical Kiho x5. If successful, you do not need to negate a Kiho (unless you already have a Mystical Kiho active).


  • The World is Empty


  • Riding the Clouds (Air 3, Mystical)
  • Soul of the Four Winds (Air 4, Internal)
  • Stain Upon the Soul (Air 3, Martial, Atemi)
  • Touch of the Storm (Air 6, Martial, Atemi)
  • Embrace the Stone (Earth 5, Mystical)
  • Destiny’s Strike (Fire 4, Martial)
  • Freezing the Lifeblood (Water 7, Martial, Atemi)
  • Ride the Water Dragon (Water 3, Kharmic)
  • Chi Protection (Water 4, Mystical Atemi)

Suzume Tōma is a young samurai of approximately fourteen years. Physically he is unremarkable; standing of average height. His skin is slightly darker than the ideal Rokugani flawless pale skin, his complexion hints of one who has spent much time in the sun and on close inspection his hands are rougher than usual for samurai.

He wears a kimono in the Crane colours of light blue and white but he wears the triple mons of the Sparrow Clan, Suzume Family and Suzume Bushi school. Over his kimono he often tends to wear a rough haori of drab brown, the usual Sparrow colours.

His katana is called Peace, and has the characters 平和 (heiwa) carved into the blade. His wakizashi is called Serenity, and likewise has 平静 (heisei) engraved in the metal.

He is friendly and outgoing to all who he meets and his voice is surprisingly soft and lyrical for a goshi (country samurai, often used as a derogatory term but the Sparrow use it to refer to themselves with surprising modesty). He greatly enjoys both creating poetry and telling stories; as is usual for the Sparrow the stories are generally long-winded and encompass many details, though he makes an effort to shorten them when interacting with non-Sparrows as to not send people to sleep.

At the Topaz Championship he placed rather highly; a feat which seemed to surprise him. While others came away with positions and vaunted artefacts, Tōma was content with seemingly gaining very little, save for the favour of the Imperial Heir.

Otomo Tōma 雀顛, Glorious Shiryo

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