Mirumoto Musashi 武蔵 - Regent of the Mirumoto Family

"Be like lightning - mysterious, swift, deadly when striking yet beautiful to behold."


Mirumoto Musashi – Regent of the Mirumoto Family
Mirumoto Bushi 6 / The Topaz Champion / Master Sensei 1

Insight 276 Honour 7.8
Insight Rank 7 Glory 9.0
XP 512/512 Status 8.0
Initiative 10k6 (12k5)
Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4
Air 5 Reflexes 5 Awareness 5
Water 3 Strength 4 Perception 3
Fire 4 Agility 6 Intelligence 4
Void 5

Void Points: O O O O O
Topaz Champion Void Points: O O O O O (May only be spent on School Skill rolls)

Skill Rank Attribute Emphasis Roll School Skill? Anything Special?
Etiquette 4 Awareness 10k5 Y
Lore (Shugenja) 2 Intelligence 7k4 Y
Kenjutsu 7 Agility Katana, Wakizashi 10k10 (17k7) Y +1k0 to damage rolls made with a sword, Readying a Sword is a Free Action, Damage Dice explode on a 9 and 10
Defense 3 Reflexes 9k5 Y Can keep Defense/Reflexes roll for subsequent rounds in Full Defense stance
Iaijutsu 8 Awareness/Void/Reflexes Assessment, Focus 10k7 (14k5)/10k7 (14k5)/10k7 (14k5) Y Readying a Katana is a Free Action; Plus Kenjutsu Rank (8) to all rolls while in Center Stance, Gain 1 Free Raise on Focus Stage of an Iaijutsu Duel, +2k2 to the total of all Focus Rolls if Assessment roll exceeds opponents by 10 or higher
Meditation 6 Void Void Recovery 10k6 (12k5) Y Regain 2 Void Points when Meditating, Fasting TN is reduced by 5
Lore (Theology) 4 Intelligence 9k4 Y
Investigation 2 Perception 5k3
Calligraphy 1 Intelligence 5k4
Lore: Law 3 Intelligence 7k4
Medicine 1 Intelligence 5k4
Courtier 3 Awareness 8k5
Battle 3 Perception 6k3
Sincerity 3 Awareness 8k5
Jiujutsu 3 Agility 10k7 (11k7) +1k0 to damage of all unarmed attacks
Athletics 2 Strength 6k4
Horsemanship 1 Agility 8k7
Stealth 1 Agility 8k7
Games: Go 1 Intelligence 5k4

+1k0 to all school skills (Prodigy) – Included
+1k1 to all Agility Skill rolls, +3k1 to all Agility School Skill rolls (Ancestor, Mirumoto) – Included

TN of all Social Skill Rolls is increased by 5 (Disturbing Counternance).

Armour TN: 70
(Reflexes 5 = 30, +10 from Heavy Armour, +15 from Mirumoto Ancestral Wakizashi, +3 from Strength of the Dragon, +12 from Dual Wielding)
Reduction: 5

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank Current Wounds
Healthy (+0) 20 -
Nicked (+3) 8 -
Grazed (+5) 8 -
Injured (+10) 8 -
Hurt (+15) 8 -
Crippled (+20) 8 -
Down (+40) 8 -
Out 8 -
Attack Roll to hit Damage roll
Mirumoto Ancestral Katana 10k10+36 (22k12+8) 8k2+8
Wakizashi 10k10+8 (17k7+8) 7k2+8
Unarmed Attack 10k6 5k1

+3k0 against a target that has tried to attack you/successfully attacked you last round. (Katana becomes 10k10 + 42, Wakizashi becomes 10k10 + 14)

Inventory: Mirumoto Ancestral Armour (Heavy Armour, Wearer may ignore any penalties to Agility and Reflexes rolls if they have ranks in a Dragon Bushi School, allows the user to switch Stances as a Free Action just before attacking or being hit), Sturdy Clothing, Mirumoto Ancestral Daisho (Know the School and Insight Ranks of any opponent) – Katana ( +1k1 to attack rolls for each rank in the Mirumoto Bushi School (5)), Wakizashi ( +15 to Armour TN), Travelling Pack.

Insight Rank Technique
1 Mirumoto Bushi 1 – Way of the Dragon. Initiates of the Mirumoto Bushi school must master the basic principles of Niten, the two-sword technique founded by Mirumoto himself. When wielding a katana in your main hand and a wakizashi in your off hand, you suffer no penalties of any kind for dual wielding, and you gain a bonus of your School Rank to your Armour TN (this is cumulative with the normal bonus for wielding two weapons). Additionally, when targeted with a spell, you may raise or lower the TN of that spell’s spellcasting roll by 5.
2 – Alternate Path The Topaz Champion – Soul of Promise. The Topaz Champion is among the best and brightest of each generation. When you advance in Insight Rank and into this Path, you gain the Technique it would normally replace. You also gain a number of Void Points per day equal to your highest Ring. You may spend these just like normal Void Points (with all the normal restrictions), but they may only be used to enhance your School Skill Rolls.
2 – Special Mirumoto Bushi 2 – The Calm In Midst of Thunder. In addition to their focus on the art of Kenjutsu, the Mirumoto study the art of the duel as well in order to properly face their traditional opponents among the Kakita. When you assume the Center Stance, you gain a bonus to the total of your Iaijutsu rolls equal to your Kenjutsu Skill Rank.
3 Mirumoto Bushi 3 – Strong and Swift. As the exploration of Niten continues, the student learns to overwhelm their opponents with a flurry of blows while maintaining a superior defense. Attacking is a Simple Action for you while you use weapons with the Samurai Keyword.
4 Mirumoto Bushi 4 – Furious Retaliation. Once an opponent presents himself as a threat, the Mirumoto will stop at nothing to defeat him to defend the honour of the family’s teachings. During the Reactions Stage of Combat, you may choose one opponent who made or attempted an attack against you this Round. During your next Turn, you gain a bonus of +3k0 to all attack rolls against that target.
5 Mirumoto Bushi 5 – Heart of the Dragon. Masters of the Mirumoto Bushi School seem to strike from everywhere at once. If you attack twice in the same Turn while you are wielding a katana in you main hand and a wakizashi in your off hand, you may make one additional attack with your off hand as a Free Action.
6 – Special Mirumoto Bushi 6 – Musashi’s Greatest Teaching. Gain a bonus to Kenjutsu equal to Iaijutsu Rank ( +8). Gain a bonus to Iaijutsu equal to Kenjutsu Rank ( +7). When using a Daisho, gain a bonus equal to the highest of Iaijutsu or Kenjutsu to damage rolls ( +8).
7 Mirumoto Master Sensei 1 – The Sword and the Soul. The Master Sensei has learned that the sword can bring moments of perfect harmony, just like art or meditation. When fighting with a sword, any time you reduce an opponent to Down, Out, or Dead, you regain 1 Void Point. This can temporarily increase your total Void Points above your Void Ring, although any such “extra” points disappear at the end of the current skirmish.
Advantages Value Disadvantages Value
Ancestor, Mirumoto 9 Some letch is going after my daughter
Prodigy 6 Disturbing Countenance 3
Ally: Akodo family daimyo (Influence 4, Devotion 1) 5 Driven (Beat the Kakita) 2
Imperial Spouse
Blissful Betrothal

Musashi stands slightly above average height, with a deceptively light build for a samurai his age – bulk of youth traded for the experience of age. Amongst his black brow and brown eyes is a large scar, running from his left cheek up to a few centimeters from his hairline, almost certainly from a katana a long time ago. His expression is much calmer than it used to be, having tempered his flaring anger.

Musashi is a master of Niten, and as one of the few Mirumoto Master Sensei, one of the technique’s best teachers. Two blades drawn at once, either positioned at the chest or legs. Musashi’s strikes do not fall within any set rhythm (which is common for most bushi), instead appearing at wild and unpredictable times. As the years have grown though, Musashi’s standard stance has remained a key part of his fighting style:.


Quite often, Musashi appears to adopt a rather sloppy-looking stance. Anyone who has fought the man will attest that his defense and subsequent counterattacks are quite the opposite.

Mirumoto Musashi 武蔵 - Regent of the Mirumoto Family

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