Major NPC's in the Campaign

Seppun Miryaku
Seppun Family Daimyo

A severe looking middle aged samurai, Seppun Miryaku has led the Seppun for years. Reputed as a well regarded man and fine swordsman, Miryaku has come to the Topaz Championship to seek out young samurai of virtue to assist with a problem he has been having, of which you presently do not know. You are heading to Kyuden Doji to meet with him to discuss it.

Doji Hiraru
Crane Clan Champion and Doji Family Daimyo

The Champion of the Crane is an attractive and elegant woman in her mid 40’s. You saw her natural ability to lead, and effortless skill in etiquette and courtly actions at the Topaz Championship. and given the performance of the Crane clan entrants, is riding a fair wave of success in the courts (though the lack of a marriage between Kakita Ryosabe and Akodo Miramasu is rumoured to be drawing war closer to the Crane lands). You know that she has returned to the court of Kyuden Doji in the aftermath of the Topaz Championship.

Otomo Neru
Heir to the Otomo Family

You’ve not heard of this person before the last day of the tournament; rumour is going around that the Otomo family daimyo Otomo Bunraku was forced to commit seppuku for not obeying the outcome of the duel immediately (though there are rumours that he was caught in an impropriety with the Asahina Daimyo’s daughter, and was promptly set alight, rumours the Crane clan quash ruthlessly). You recall they are the standing Otomo representative to the Crane at Kyuden Doji, and have a reputation of being a ruthless and exceptional courtier.

Major NPC's in the Campaign

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