The Topaz Misfits

Session 2 - For Glory, Honour and Status (and the Imperial Company)
In which our band of players begin their quest to recover an artefact



Our party of young, impressionable samurai heads to the capital of the Cranes lands, Kyuden Doji, to meet with Seppun Miryaku, Daimyo of the Seppun. After a brief round of explanation (and the occasional chastisement), the party heads off to recover the Crown of the Lady Seppun, a powerful nemuranai from the dawn of the Empire.

You headed over to Gentle Wave port, five miles away. This sprawling port city serves as the gateway to Kyuden Doji in terms of trade, and most of you safely travelling to the docks to find a ship to take you north. Bayushi Izumi meantime seemed to bring up a possible issue with the local magistracy about taking money from a group of merchants, but at the time, it was deemed not relevant to their quest. After a brief discussion and negotiation with Arai, Captain of the Mantis Clan, the party were aboard the ship of him and his Navigator, Rizako (who was also his wife). Several days aboard ship saw many things happen (not fully relevant to our story), including Soshi Entei the shugenja discover this ship was several hundred years old and home to hundreds of kami who happily lived there; an awakened nemuranai. A swift and efficient journey to Dragons Guard City, finished, the party set out to gather information.

Owing to a ‘prank’ by the air kami on board the Dancing Orochi, Suzume Toma was seemingly supernaturally attractive and whilst walking to the Governers estate, was ‘persuaded’ by a group of beautiful geisha to come back with them. No stranger to danger and willing to endanger himself for his companion, Mirumoto Musashi, Topaz Champion and prodigy of Niten, went with him. Matsu Asami, Usagi Kari and Moto Darius all went to the market to gather some information and buy some gear in town, (including one very memorable incident with a Yasuki, that does not need to be recollected here), whilst the Scorpion went to follow up a seperate lead at a teahouse called the House of the Laughing Carp.

A day of information gathering later…….

The two samurai at the Geisha house left later, being far less attractive. A brief moment of tension aside, they left to speak with the council with their fellows. The two scorpion had an ‘interesting’ time at the Laughing Carp, and decided to head there later, and they were joined by the three samurai from the market. After a brief time heading over to the magistrates office and Estate, the party took up the lead the Scorpion had found at the Laughing Carp

20 minutes later…

The party was with a large force of magistrates; a backroom in the teahouse with a young female ronin in custody, a dead ronin in the backroom and a dead ronin duellist in the street. The place was a front for smuggling operations for a group called the Yamazu Syndicate (who Arai had informed you had a delivery recently made by a ship called the Dawnflower), and whilst Izumi had attempted to go undercover, an unseen assist from Soshi Entei had escalated matters, leading to a combat. After being charged with obstructing an investigation, Entei was led off, and an eta came in to take away the bodies and inspect them for the magistrates. The party found several illegal and dubious artefacts, amongst them a case of Liquid Void, opium, gaijin artefacts and sundry other goods, all in cargo boxes. A meeting with the Shiba magistrate who responded turned up that the Yamazu were a group of merchants operating along the east coast, and that they were getting involved at the highest levels of local and clan government; the City Council had no truck with them for their reputation, but they were largely clandestine.

Several days in the city saw Soshi Entei’s punishment for obstructing an investigation happen; 10 lashes in the public square, and the group was feted for its services to law and order in the City. Eventually, the party left, and, heading north west, arrived after a few days at the Castle of the Emerald Champion. Matsu Asami collected her squadron of samurai, promising young recruits, and the party had its station ratified and paperwork signed. As you were about to leave, a middle aged bushi by the name of Doji Mitsuhide asked the Topaz Champion if he could speak with his wife, Daidoji Terazuki, commander of Clear Spring village; she had not responded to his message 2 weeks ago, and usually does so immediately (as a priestess of the Kami). The champion agreed, and you continue to the village, arriving several days later around early evening

You are welcomed in by the guards, and, leaving your weapons and samurai in the barracks, are allowed to the estate of the governer, and the audience halls doors are opened…..


Will the party find the Crown of the Lady Seppun? Will they learn more about the Yamazu? Will Suzume Toma return to tend his fields? Will the Scorpion finally go full junshin? Will Musashi decide to just kill everyone around him? And finally, will Darius , Asami and Kari just decide to leave them all to their madness and get shit done?


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Session 1 - The Championship
In which our band of players do stuff and samurai

Noteworthy deeds of the tournament (in no particular order);

  • Cephas splitting an arrow with one of their own, and being gifted a Koritome bow.
  • Taira being granted a portion of land on behalf of the Sparrow Clan
  • Kamari being gifted the last blade of the Kakita Master, Kakita Muramasa
  • Ran singing before the gathered representatives at the behest of the Crane Champion
  • Renjio throwing Tensayu out of the ring in the sumai match, and Tetsuken and Iltai just having a good old fashioned scrap at same.
  • Ran and Taira amongst others, being part of a Draw Lot play that receives significant praise from the present critics and is greatly appreciated by the attendees.
  • Otomo Bunraku is duelled by a senior Daidoji sensei, and is sent to a location away from the village
  • Togatisaru reaches the finals, duels Cephas and wins for the honour of Akodo Miramasu
  • The duel between Kamari and Umasu is determined to be too close to call, and a rematch chosen (which ends in the Hare winning) with a new judge.
  • All the young contestants are formally made samurai.

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