Otomo Kotori

"The sweetest notes hide the sting of poison.."


Shosuro Actor. Mistress Lotus of the Kolat.

Otomo Kotori, formerly Shosuro Kotori.

An elegant and graceful courtier. She tends to linger nearby, never engaging, never quite threatening. Happily married with two children, she leads the life of an honourable samurai. She works closely with the Daimyo of the Shosuro and often graces the Imperial Court. She uses her voice well and has entertained the Winter Court on multiple occasions. Enjoys writing haikus.

Insight 250 Honour 4
Insight Rank 6 Glory 5
XP 404/404 Status 6
Initiative 10k7
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Air 6 Reflexes 6 Awareness 6
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Fire 5 Agility 6 Intelligence 5
Void 3

Void Points: O O O

Skill Rank Attribute Emphasis Roll School Skill? Anything Special?
Acting 1 Awareness 7k6 Y +2k2 with Void
Athletics 1 Strength 4k3 N
Battle 3 Perception Gajin Tactics 6k3 N
Calligraphy 3 Intelligence Cipher 8k5 N
Courtier 3 Awareness 9k6 Y
Defense 1 Reflexes 7k6 N
Etiquette 3 Awareness 9k6 Y
Firearms 1 Perception 6k3 N
Horsemanship 1 Agility 7k6 N
Investigation 3 Perception Notice 6k3 Y
Kenjutsu 7 Agility Katana 11k7 N
Knives 5 Agility 11k6 Y
Lore: Gajin Cultures 1 Intelligence 6k5 N
Lore: Kolat 1 Intelligence 6k5 N
Meditation 1 Void 5k3 Y
Ninjutsu 7 Agility 10k10 N +3k1 from Techniques
Perform: Oratory 1 Awareness 8k7 N +1k1 from Voice
Perform: Song 1 Awareness 8k7 N +1k1 from Voice
Sincerity 1 Awareness Deceit 7k6 Y +3k1 with Void
Sleight of Hand 5 Agility Conceal 11k6 N
Stealth 7 Agility 11k7 N +2k2 with Void

+3k1 to Sincerity (Deceit) when spending a void.
+2k2 to Acting or Stealth when spending a void.
Raises are not limited by Void on an unsuspecting target.
Raises for damage you make on an unaware target are +1k1 per Raise

+1k1 on Social Skill rolls with known members of the Kolat.
+1k1 to the total of all Social Skill rolls made with members of the Imperial families.
Social Skill rolls and Spell Casting Roll for all spells that look at thoughts have their TN increase by 5.
Social Skill Rolls made with Shugenja and Monks have their TN increased by +5.


  • Courtier Rank 3: +3 Insight bonus. (included)
  • Etiquette Rank 3: +3 Insight bonus. (included)
  • Investigating Rank 3: No TN increase with second attempt to Search.
  • Kenjutsu Rank 3: The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0. (included)
  • Kenjutsu Rank 5: Readying a sword is a free action.
  • Kenjutsu Rank 7: Damage explodes on 9 and 10.
  • Knives Rank 3: No off hand penalties with knives.
  • Knives Rank 5: 1 free raise with a Sai or Jitte to Disarm.
  • Ninjutsu Rank 3: The total of all damage rolls made with a ninjutsu weapon is increased by 1k0. (included)
  • Ninjutsu Rank 5: Dice explode as normal on damage rolls made with a ninjutsu weapon.
  • Ninjutsu Rank 7: +0k1 to the damage of all ninjutsu weapons.
  • Sleight of Hand Rank 5: May use the conceal emphasis to conceal small weapon.
  • Stealth Rank 7: Free move as normal.


  • North Wind Style – Air, You may add your Air Ring to the total of any attack roll made while attempting the Increased Damage Maneuver.

Armour TN: 45/35
Reduction: 1

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank Current Wounds
Healthy (+0) 15 -
Nicked (+3) 21 -
Grazed (+5) 27 -
Injured (+10) 33 -
Hurt (+15) 39 -
Crippled (+20) 45 -
Down (+40) 51 -
Out 57 -
Attack Roll to hit Damage roll Special
Katana (radiant) 11k7 7k2 You may spend one void point to increase a damage roll made using a katana by 1k1
Wakizashi 11k7 6k2 May be thrown up to 20’ as a ranged weapon
Sai 11k7 4k1 Can be thrown as ranged weapons up to twenty feet
Shuriken 10k10 6k4 Shurikens may be thrown up to 25ft
Blowgun 10k10 3k2 Triple an opponent’s armor tn bonus from armor. The damage increase from the ninjutsu skill increases the blowgun’s damage to 1k1 at rank 3, 2k1 at rank 7. Reloading is a free action
Han-kyu 100 Arrow 8k6 (untrained) 1k1 Increase the TN of all attack rolls by 10 if used while on horseback. Range of 100ft
Derringer Pistol 20 Caps 7k5 (untrained) 6k2 Ignores most armour. Attack and reload as a Simple Action. Range of 20ft

Inventory: Fine Clothing, Assorted Costumes and Disguises, Katana, Wakizashi, Sai, Ninja Stuff, lots of shurikens, Han-kyu, 20x Armour Piercing Arrows, Traveling Pack, some koku.

Veil of Deception – 6/day for 6 minutes. When another person looks at you, they see a person that they expect to see there.

Shosuro’s Blackened Armour – 2 Free Raises on Stealth Rolls, 1/day you may make a Stealth Roll when it would not usually be possible.

Insight Rank School Technique
1 Shosuro Actor The First Face The Shosuro Actor begins his career by learning the basics of deception and mimicry, and takes his first steps on the path of infiltrating the Empire. You learn one persona. Any time you spend a Void Point on an Acting or Sincerity (Deceit) Skill roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 instead of the normal +1k1.
2 Shosuro Actor The Subtle Sting Shosuro Actors are expected to serve their clan as both infiltrators and assassins. You gain a bonus of +2k0 to your attack rolls when wielding a Small weapon.
3 Shadow Blades Never Beyond My Reach The flawless blend of warrior and assassin works unlocks a samurai’s true potential as a killer of men. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action when wielding a katana or any weapon with the Ninja keyword. When wielding a weapon with the Ninja keyword, you may also add +1k1 to your attack and damage rolls with that weapon.
4 Shosuro Actor The Viper’s Kiss The Shosuro Actor intensifies his martial training to enable swift and deadly assassinations of his targets. You may attack as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action when using a Small-sized weapon.
5 Shosuro Actor The Third Face The Shosuro Actor is now a true master of deception, infiltration, and murder. You gain a third persona. In addition, if you attack a foe who is unaware or does not expect danger form you, your Raises are not limited by your Void.
6 Shosuro Assassins The Hidden Blade The Assassins are the elite killers of the Shosuro shinobi orders, trained to kill their targets with a single precise stab or slice. When attacking a surprised or unaware opponent with a knife, you may activate this Technique by spending a Void Point (as a Free Action). Your attack will target a vital spot, and any Raises for damage you make on that attack are kept dice (+1k1 per Raise).
7 Kolat Assassin Kiss of the Lotus Gain +2k2 to Stealth or Acting when spending a Void Point instead of the usual +1k1.
Persona Type
Bayushi Izumi Charming
Matsu Yomi Brash
Lui, Ronin Unassuming


Heritage: 8-9. Your ancestor joined the shinobi and a few of he skills he was taught have been passed down. You gain 1 free Rank in the Ninjutsu Skill but you also have the Disadvantage Dark Secret.


  • Allies: Miya Family (2/2) – You have carefully nurtured social connections. Moderate Influence, will secretly risk their Honour.
  • Allies: Imperial Court (4/1) – You have carefully nurtured social connections. Major Influence, will not risk their Honour.
  • Blissful Betrothal – Your marriage has been arranged and, much to your delight, you have come to truly love your intended spouse.
  • Crafty – Whenever you are in a situation where you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll using a Low Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the Skill instead.
  • Forbidden Knowledge (Kolat) – Gain a bonus of +1k1 on Social Skill rolls with known members of the Kolat.
  • Imperial Spouse – Gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Social Skill rolls made with members of the Imperial families.
  • Shadowed Heart – Social Skill rolls and Spell Casting Roll for all spells that look at thoughts have their TN increase by 5.
  • Social Position – Standing invitation to sing at the Winter Court.
  • Spy Network – Kolat. Shared with Mistress Silk. Has access to an intelligence network that can provide him with a variety of covert information.
  • Voice – Gain a bonus of +1k1 on any Perform Skill Roll that utilizes your voice, such as Perform: Singing or Perform: Oratory.


  • Dark Secret – You possess some horrific secret that could lead not only to your ruination, but perhaps others in your family as well. Kolat Master, Ninja, Third Son hidden by Miya Allies. If your secret is exposed, you may be required to commit seppuku or possibly even be executed.
  • Disbeliever – Your lack of piety makes you uncomfortable around shugenja and monks, and any Social Skill Rolls made with them have their TN increased by +5.

Otomo Kotori

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