The Topaz Misfits

Session 1 - The Championship

In which our band of players do stuff and samurai

Noteworthy deeds of the tournament (in no particular order);

  • Cephas splitting an arrow with one of their own, and being gifted a Koritome bow.
  • Taira being granted a portion of land on behalf of the Sparrow Clan
  • Kamari being gifted the last blade of the Kakita Master, Kakita Muramasa
  • Ran singing before the gathered representatives at the behest of the Crane Champion
  • Renjio throwing Tensayu out of the ring in the sumai match, and Tetsuken and Iltai just having a good old fashioned scrap at same.
  • Ran and Taira amongst others, being part of a Draw Lot play that receives significant praise from the present critics and is greatly appreciated by the attendees.
  • Otomo Bunraku is duelled by a senior Daidoji sensei, and is sent to a location away from the village
  • Togatisaru reaches the finals, duels Cephas and wins for the honour of Akodo Miramasu
  • The duel between Kamari and Umasu is determined to be too close to call, and a rematch chosen (which ends in the Hare winning) with a new judge.
  • All the young contestants are formally made samurai.



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